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Nurse of the month - January 2021

Written by Sara Oktemgil on 04/01/2021

We are proud to announce that our first Nurse of the Month for 2021 goes to…

…Barbara S.

Barbara first joined Health Professionals in March 2016 and is a dedicated, professional nurse working in one of our NHS hospitals in Surrey in the A&E department. We recently received some positive patient feedback from a patient in September and for the months that followed was in and out of hospital regularly. She had this to say, "Barbara, thank you for all your support and care on the consecutive night shifts. You always bought a smile to my face when you arrived and gave me comfort in knowing you were looking after me through what were some difficult nights. As well as this, with COVID this year and no visitors allowed, the HCA's and nurses did an incredible job to keep my spirits up away from my family".

We want to thank Barbara for her committed to us, her ward and the NHS now more than ever.