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We've developed MyNurseApp especially for you, our Health Professionals' Registered Nurses. You'll be able to manage your shifts with just a few taps of your Smart-phone

Features of MyNurseApp At-a-glance

  • Personal, secure log-in details
  • View your current bookings for up to two weeks in advance - in real time
  • Update your availability
  • Review your booking history
  • Search for opportunities in specific wards and units you like to work in and secure your shift booking in advance
  • Review your bookings at-a-glance before and after you go on duty

MyNurseApp links in real-time, to our main 'live' booking system

Our booking system rapidly...

  • Matches your availability and workplace/shift preferences to the jobs available within seconds
  • Assigns you to the shift that you’ve chosen
  • Verifies your compliance and helps keep you up-to-date

If you’re one of our Registered Nurses and would like to sign up to MyNurseApp, just get in touch with our bookings team or start the process of registering now online.

Friendly nurse with elderly woman

View available shifts on MyNurseApp – in real-time

When it comes to securing an assignment, our bespoke technology will give you the edge. Shifts can be automatically booked within milliseconds of de-tails being released by our hospital clients ⸺primarily NHS Hospitals.

The benefits to you...

Not only are we specialists in bookings’ automation, but our system can also manage your compliance. This enables you to concentrate on delivering ex-cellent patient care, and enjoy your free time outside of work.

Your Availability - MyNurseApp

Our booking platform will recognise shift requirement details as they are released, match it with your set availability and, crucially, will automatically confirm the booking directly with the hospital. You can also....

  • Change your availability from anywhere in the world
  • See a summary of shifts booked
  • Secure your choice of shifts in advance, and keep informed before and after you go on duty. You’re in control of your shifts… with just a few taps of your smart phone
Nurse with male patient

Our New Points System - MyNursePoints

Even as a new applicant, you can start collecting points for signing up with us and for completing the application process within a set time. These are re-deemable once you start working for us…

  • Points are updated automatically every week - for every hour you work - you earn points
  • You can view your points on your MyNurseApp
  • You can view a history of your points

What do our Nurses say about the NurseApp?

It is so lovely working with the HP team. I feel cared for; it’s like being part of a family. They’ve even developed their own app so that their nurses can track shifts. MyNurseApp is brilliant! It’s so easy to update and can file, book shifts and sends my availability direct to the bookings’ team. I can always keep an eye on available shifts, and when I want to book one, there is no hassle in booking it in.

Maria C.
registered since Jun 2013

Working with Health Professionals is a pleasure. I felt part of the team straight away and it feels like being in a family because they are all so kind, friendly and efficient. This de-humanises the process so ditched it and may give a kind of ‘tick box’. MyNurseApp is excellent because I can book or reschedule my shifts anywhere, at any time – at the tap of my phone! With my secure ID log-in, I can access in-house skills and compliance training online even when I’m on holiday. Brilliant.

Conciliah H.
registered since Dec 2015

Working with Health Professionals has been one of the best nursing decisions I have ever made. The HP team is kind, supportive and very efficient in dealing with any concerns I have at work. They are my nursing ‘family’!
The company’s smartphone App - MyNurseApp - is an absolute companion to my shift-life. Even without me speaking all the time with the team, I can put my availability directly into the App and they book me as soon as shifts become available. It is so easy to use and yet so comprehensive: I have a secure log-in and personal profile, can see available bookings in real-time, can log my shift availability, and undertake essential compliance updates. This App can do so much yet just requires a few taps on my smartphone to access.

Kristian C.
registered since May 2017

I have been working with Health Professionals for a few years now and have always found them to be very professional and understanding. What’s more, I’ve never been out of work!
They’ve given me numerous lines of work, keeping my work-life stable, consistent and settled.
Working with Health Professionals has provided so much opportunity to expand my work experiencespanning the acute hospital, rehabilitation units, community hospitals and community nursing.
It was a big professional plunge for me to convert from permanent staff to agency nursing, but with the right support and guidance from Health Professionals it has all has worked out better than I ever hoped.

Sarah D.
registered since Dec 2015

I would highly recommend joining Health Professionals. I've been working with them for nearly seven years now as a full time ED Nurse. I especially enjoy working with their other nurses and the booking team are so supportive and helpful – we’re really like a family! I enjoy giving my best for them because I know they will give their best to me, and together, we deliver excellent nursing care.
Another massive plus to working for Health Professionals is the smartphone App that they’ve developed. MyNurseApp allows me to easily book shift assignments that I really want to do. I can also attend skills and compliance training by using the App too. I’m so proud to be part of Health Professionals. They act according to the name of their agency: Health Professionals!

Kate T.
registered since Jan 2014

Health Professionals was the first agency I ever joined and I’ve never looked back. The people are great, always willing to help, are passionate and really care about what they’re doing. It’s really rewarding working with people who are so committed to what the company is trying to accomplish. Another plus is the MyNurseApp: It’s convenient, simple, and very easy to use.

Mary A. B.
registered since Jun 2013

I have told so many fellow agency nurses how good Health Professionals is. One agency nurse took the name so quickly upon my recommendation that I realised that my admiration for Health Professionals really influences others to come and join. I feel honoured to recommend this agency and am so happy that I found them.
I have been with so many other agencies in the last nine years but Health Professionals is BY FAR the best agency I have ever worked for. I am absolutely happy and satisfied. All the staffs are so professional and so easy to talk to.
Thank you, Health Professionals’ team, for all of your hard work in keeping me consistently in work that I enjoy.

Numa S.
registered since Feb 2020

My experience with Health Professionals since 2013 is overwhelmingly positive. They are a high-class, exceptional agency. Since joining, I have felt totally supported in a fashion unlike any other agency I have dealt with in the past. I haven’t felt a need to look elsewhere, as they have satisfied all my needs and desires. The entire staff provide a highly professional service. Their support is evident in the care they show in their handling of several day-to-day issues. Health Professionals always make sure you get the shift you desire, and always pay on time. The myNurseApp is very helpful as it lets you choose your hospital of choice and even the shift partners. I’m thankful for their service and look forward to more great years together!

Zamu-Zamu M.
registered since May 2013

The myNurseApp has been a great tool to use. Easy access to book any shifts you like as well as cancelling a shift within reasonable time. I find the myNursePoints system great, especially when I am in great need and can redeem the points into cash. 
Health professionals are very professional with the way they relate to their nurses. From my own experience I have not had a problem with them since I registered.

Vimbai G.
registered since Mar 2015