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COVID-19/Coronavirus Crisis
Our assurance to Our Nurses and NHS clients

Health Professionals is taking every necessary intervention in order to reduce the risk of the Coronavirus infection further impacting our nation. We cannot praise highly enough the outstanding efforts and commitment of our Health Professionals’ nurses who continually put our clients, and their patients, first in the depth of this national COVID-19 crisis amid unprecedented high demand for nursing skill within the National Health Service (NHS).

Understandably, the need for experienced nurses to rapidly be on duty within the NHS at this time will only continue. We have the experience, automated technology and NHS client relationships to rapidly ‘onboard’ vital staff to where they are needed most.

Our key geographical nurse placement areas are within Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Reading and along the M40 corridor. Please go to this link for more information.

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Welcome to our client area…

By the time you reach the end of this page we hope that you will agree that Health Professionals is not “just another nursing agency”.

Established for 21 years, we’ve been providing highly-skilled, fully-screened and compliant nurses to a number of hospitals in the central region from Surrey to Leicester. Significantly, our nurses are supplied in accordance with NHS England and Monitor Framework cap and agreed pricing guidelines. In some NHS hospitals, we are the premier supplier based on our cost-effectiveness and efficiency…

So, how has our service changed over the past two decades? Our commitment to our clients, our nurses and their patients is stronger than ever, and our clinically-led Booking Team is increasingly responsive, tenacious and knowledgeable. The difference today is that we’re one of the most technologically advanced nursing agencies around.

Our specially developed technology can “speak” to your systems , in real-time, in seconds. This synergy enables us to rapidly match the right nurse to your assignment need, and our clients benefit from ‘live’ systems’ responsiveness, always backed up by our quick-thinking and accessible team.

So, the next time that you need assistance with urgent and unexpected nurse staffing demands, or need to cover an absence even at short notice, let us be your agency of choice. Telephone 02072011143 and we’ll prove that we’re not just another nursing agency…

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