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COVID-19/Coronavirus Crisis
Our assurance to Our Nurses and NHS clients

Health Professionals is taking every necessary intervention in order to reduce the risk of the Coronavirus infection further impacting our nation. We cannot praise highly enough the outstanding efforts and commitment of our Health Professionals’ nurses who continually put our clients, and their patients, first in the depth of this national COVID-19 crisis amid unprecedented high demand for nursing skill within the National Health Service (NHS).

Understandably, the need for experienced nurses to rapidly be on duty within the NHS at this time will only continue. We have the experience, automated technology and NHS client relationships to rapidly ‘onboard’ vital staff to where they are needed most.

Our key geographical nurse placement areas are within Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Reading and along the M40 corridor. Please go to this link for more information.

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Being a Health Professionals’ Nurse means that you can…

  • Access personal, secure log-in details via your Smart-phone
  • View your current bookings for up to two weeks in ad-vance – online, in real-time
  • Update your availability within seconds, online
  • Review your booking history at any time
  • Search for opportunities in specific wards and units you like to work in and secure your shift booking in advance
  • Review your bookings at-a-glance before and after you go on duty
  • Match your availability and workplace/shift preferences to the jobs available within seconds
  • Assign yourself to the shift that you’ve chosen
  • Verify your compliance and keep your nursing credentials up-to-date

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