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COVID-19/Coronavirus Crisis
Our assurance to Our Nurses and NHS clients

Health Professionals is taking every necessary intervention in order to reduce the risk of the Coronavirus infection further impacting our nation. We cannot praise highly enough the outstanding efforts and commitment of our Health Professionals’ nurses who continually put our clients, and their patients, first in the depth of this national COVID-19 crisis amid unprecedented high demand for nursing skill within the National Health Service (NHS).

Understandably, the need for experienced nurses to rapidly be on duty within the NHS at this time will only continue. We have the experience, automated technology and NHS client relationships to rapidly ‘onboard’ vital staff to where they are needed most.

Our key geographical nurse placement areas are within Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Reading and along the M40 corridor. Please go to this link for more information.

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Sophie Song

"Health Professionals are a very helpful and efficient nursing agency. I found the nursing agency via the internet and then contacted them. Health Professionals took the least time to respond and consequently the one that I decided to register with. I worked for an amazing charity on a temp nursing basis on a special project and really enjoyed the  assignment."

Many many thanks.

Peter K

The Service was good with lots of support and meets my expectations. Health Professionals has also met my requirements for work. Health Professionals are better in support compared to other agencies."

Many many thanks.

Sam M

"My expectations were all met when l got to your Knightsbridge offices. I was met by 2 Consultants who greeted & shook my hand. l was made to feel at ease. The registration was smooth and did not take too long. l felt my requirements for work were understood. Compared to other nursing agencies, l think you did very well, registration is smooth and you don't keep people waiting too long. l was kept in informed of what was going on all the time. When l got lost, one of the Consultant took her time to give me directions to get to the Knightsbridge office and l was met at the door, which made even feel more welcome."

Big thank you!

M Martin

"I found that the Health Professionals Nursing Agency staff managing my registration process knew very well what they were doing and they met my expectations entirely."